“Undisclosed is the new album from band leader, multi- instrumentalist, composer, mother of dragons, and all-round hard grafter Phil Wilkins. Trading here as CAPAS, Phil will be known to many as a member of Worcester’s denizens of groove – Desert Boots, he is also founding member of Collective 43 amongst other noteworthy pursuits.

In this, his debut solo album, he has created not only a competent, nely crafted piece of work but also provided a suitably innovative and thoughtful platform to showcase the talents of vocalists, Richard Clark, Eva Trim, Lora Polizzi, and Eva Mackevic.

In a marketplace where far too much attention is given to music production these days, CAPAS has managed to keep production quality high, whilst achieving to remind us of the value of solid arrangement and songwriting skills. The result is an LP that pulls from many influences yet manages to deliver an experience that is fresh, endearing, and distinctly his own.

The opening track ‘That’s Life’ sets the mood beautifully. It hints at the use of brass that will come to welcomely dominate the rest of the album, whilst also giving the listener an assurance that all is not as it seems here. Richard Clark’s vocals lie beautifully against exquisitely produced drums, pulsating chords and vibrant horn stabs.

The excellent drum production continues with the tribal dance of ‘Kookaburra’, in which Marimba and Tubular Bells meld with organic percussion rhythms. Then the gear and tone shifts again with ‘Love is Crazy’, a summertime feel good jam, laced with the velvety tones of Laura Polizzi.

I don’t have space to write as much as I would like to about this LP, so I shall cut straight to the gushing artsy critique… When I rst heard the distorted, time-lapse melancholy of ‘Black Widow’ I thought it was one of the best gifts my ears had received this year. That was until I heard the follow up track ‘Broken Soul’ – A tired, dusty, shell- shocked waltz through cobbled streets of loss and longing. The ageless vocals of the young Eva Trim duetting with CAPAS’ Slavic horn section will have you in awe.

Undisclosed is an LP that delivers listen upon listen. This is just the beginning, I believe there are big things to come from the bearded one. Undisclosed is available for digital download from 14th December 2016.”
Dan Wall – Slap Magazine Dec 16, Issue 65

Slap Mag Review page 21