I was approached by a Local Artist/Director and Writer by the name of Peter Wild and asked if I would be interested in writing a piece of music for a project called “Lending an ear“.

Lending an Ear is an audio arts project involving all the libraries in Worcestershire in the creation of audio art works specific to their library, location and ‘story’. The artworks have been created by artists in collaboration with each library’s community during 2016. Elements of the county’s heritage, culture and unique character have been drawn upon and through music, drama, poetry, stories, fiction, songs and non-text audio a sound map of 22 audio artworks have been created.

It was my job to work on the area Pershore and the task in hand was to celebrate the hard work the volunteers do on a day to day basis. My piece named “I Love Books” started life with recorded interviews with some of the volunteers. Throughout the song the percussive noises you can hear were created from the voices of the volunteers. As the song enters phase two, the sounds are created from young people finding noises in the library itself: slamming books shut, flicking pages, tapping computer keys, scraping radiators. The vocal line “I like People and I love Books” is sampled from an interview and sums up the role of the volunteers. The brass band element refers to the brass band competitions which have been running in the town since 1990. The build at the end is a celebration intended to give the feeling of dancing in the library.

Hope you enjoy.

Phil Wilkins Pershore

Lending an Ear is a Worcestershire County Council project supported using public funding by the National Lottery through the Arts Council and a grant from the Elmley Foundation.